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Stash Busting Challenge | The Best Way To Use Up Your Scrap Yarn

What do you do with all of your scraps of yarn? I have a habit of tossing them on a shelf and they end up piling up until it starts getting messy. Then I have no idea what I should do with them. So I throw them in another, more hidden box because to me, throwing out yarn is like ripping out a page in a book… it makes me cringe. The point of this stash busting challenge is to encourage you to use up your scrap yarn in a fun way with 4 weeks of stash busting crochet projects!

I’ve teamed up with a few other designers to spread the happiness by creating a stash busting roundup every week in the month of April. Depending on how many designers end up participating, we might collectively have over 50+ scrap yarn crochet projects for you in the coming weeks!

I encourage and challenge you to participate in the Stash Busting Challenge not only to use up your scrap yarn, but also to get your mind off of the things we can’t control and replace it with a bit of happiness and community. We may be alone, but we’re alone together.

How Does The Stash Busting Challenge Work?

Each week, designers will share a new set of stash busting crochet projects that will help you to clear out those yarn scraps you have laying around. And I will release a roundup of all of these patterns every Wednesday for the entire month of April!

In a nutshell, this is how it works 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Each of the patterns will also be available as a free PDF download for the duration of the week. Exciting, right?

The roundup will be in a separate post from this one, but I will include the links to each roundup below, as they become available. Be sure to check back to see the new patterns! Or if you want to make sure you don’t miss any patterns, sign up below to be notified of each release.


How To Download The Free PDF Patterns

Like I explained above, I will update this post each week to add the new scrap busting crochet project roundup posts. You can find the links to each roundup below.

The free PDF will only be available during the week those particular featured patterns are released (you can signup for reminders above!).

For each pattern you want to download, go to the designer’s link. Within that designer’s pattern, you’ll locate and click on the button you see below.

This will bring you to the download page (either on Ravelry or the designer’s website). And to make your life easier we’re all using the same coupon code: SBCHALLENGE

Stash Busting Challenge – Weekly Roundups

Week 1: April 1-April 7


Week 1: April 1-April 7 | 17 Scrap Yarn Crochet Projects
Week 2: April 8-April 14


Week 2: April 8-April 14 | 25+ Scrap Yarn Crochet Projects

Week 3: April 15-April 21


Week 3: April 15-April 21 | 31 Scrap Yarn Crochet Projects

Week 4: April 22-April 28


Week 4: April 22-April 28 | 33 Scrap Yarn Crochet Projects

Share and spread the love! 💕

We, as designers, wanted to find a way to spread the happiness during this unprecedented time and we want to share it with as many people as we can!

If you know someone who has a large stash of yarn to use up, share this post with them and you can make new things together! Even if you don’t share this post with anyone else, you should absolutely share each of your stash busters with us whenever you’re finished!

Share your projects with me by tagging me on Facebook or Instagram, @sigonimacaroni, and use the hashtag #sbchallenge.


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