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Learn to Crochet the Easy Way!

Learning to crochet doesn’t have to be hard. It should be something that fills you with joy and relieves your anxiety and stresses. You will find many tutorials here for absolute beginners with both picture and video, left and right handed.

Meet the Maker

Welcome! I’m Sigoni!

After struggling with anxiety and depression, crochet became my saving grace and my passion. I’m here to help you learn how to crochet in the easiest way possible, every step of the way.

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Filter by Yarn Weight

On hot summer days, you don’t want to be working with bulky yarn. And on cold winter days, that lightweight yarn won’t keep you warm! Here you can choose which projects you want to make based on the weight of the yarn used int he pattern.

Want to Learn to Crochet from the Start? Take the 7 Day Challenge

You might already know some of the basics or you may be an absolute beginner. When learning a new hobby, it’s easy to get trapped by “Where do I even begin?” and then the overwhelm begins. This 7-day challenge will  guide you along a clear path with step-by-step tutorials to teach you the basics of crochet.

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Watch While You Crochet

Sometimes making is just easier when you have someone to show you how. Not only do each of these patterns come with a video tutorial, but there are also a plethora video tutorials with more in depth tips, motivation, and stitch tutorials.

Are you making these Common Mistakes?

There are 8 very common mistakes I see all the time as a crochet instructor. Some of these mistakes you recognize, but there’s one in particular that you may not even realize you’re making. Download my FREE guide on how to fix these mistakes below.

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Crochet by Season

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