Double Crochet Afghan: Opposites Attract | Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

If you’re looking for an easy double crochet afghan pattern, the Opposites Attract free crochet blanket pattern is for you! Yes it is made up of all double crochet stitches, but I promise it’s not boring. This double crochet afghan brings a modern feel and puts a fun spin on combining your favorite colors. Let me introduce you to the second of many Forever Blanket crochet patterns.

Have you ever wanted two different colored blankets but didn’t feel like making both? No, just me? Okay, well now you do!

This double crochet afghan is the best of both worlds. But first..

What is a Forever Blanket?

Oh, you haven’t heard?

A few months ago I took a poll in my Facebook group asking if anyone would care to make an afghan with all double crochet stitches.

I assumed that everyone besides me would find it tedious. Turns out, it was 116 to 13 for double crochet blanket patterns! I couldn’t have been more excited.

I love making double crochet afghans! If you’re interested in what got me started on this kick, read the story behind why I started making these blankets.

After the first Forever Blanket, I’ve already made two more and we’re talking in a matter of months. I’m obsessed but I can’t wait to show you each of them and I also can’t wait to make even more.

The Opposites Attract Double Crochet Afghan Pattern is part of the Winter Hygge Blog Hop!

The Winter Hygge Blog Hop is over, but you can still find a full roundup of awesome patterns over here.

Aren’t All Double Crochet Afghan Patterns Boring?

I’m glad you asked.

If you’re thinking this before you even start the pattern, then this crochet blanket pattern probably isn’t for you, and that’s okay! Not every pattern is for everyone. We all have time limitations and our patience to consider.

BUT before you “knock it before you try it”, I want to explain why I find them so fun.

5 Reasons Why Double Crochet Afghan Patterns Are The Best

  1. They reduce anxiety
  2. The perfect mindless crochet pattern
  3. You can pick them up any time
  4. Easy pattern for beginners
  5. Has an endless variety of possibilities!

If you don’t know me well, I suffer from anxiety. I, like many other makers in the crochet community, find that crochet is a miracle worker when it comes to relieving anxiety and depression.

These double crochet blanket patterns are perfect for mindless crochet. The process of making requires little brain power and it’s a relaxing way to Netflix and chill.

Another reason why I love these double crochet afghan patterns is because you can pick them up at any time.

I’m the kind of crocheter who likes to have multiple WIPs going at one time. The great thing about a double crochet blanket is being able to set it aside to work on something else and then pick it back up when I’m ready to relax or watch a movie with the family.

Then there’s the most obvious reason in that double crochet afghans are a simple, easy pattern for beginners! Not only are these blankets simple, but they come with so many possibilities from color choices to sizes and striped patterns.

And that’s why I can’t wait to make so many more!

Yarn & Blanket Yarn Substitutions

My absolute favorite yarn to use for blanket patterns is I Love This Yarn! that you can find only at Hobby Lobby. If you don’t have a store near you, you can always order online.

For this afghan I used 3 skeins each of Gray Mist and White.

Although I love this yarn… (haha I didn’t even mean to do that 😂), there are quite a few substitutions that I love almost as much.

Some of my favorite blanket yarns are:

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Resizing The Opposites Attract Double Crochet Afghan Pattern

Remember how I said with double crochet afghans, there are so many possibilities? Well, resizing is one of them!

You can turn this blanket into a baby blanket, throw blanket, King size blanket, you name it. Plus, it’s easy because this double crochet afghan doesn’t have any fancy stitch count since it’s all double crochet.

So let me tell you exactly how to do that.

  1. Create a gauge swatch with the yarn and hook you plan on using
  2. Measure how many stitches and rows you have in 4 inches.
  3. Take the number of the desired width of the blanket and divide by 4.
  4. Then take the number of stitches you counted in step 2 and multiply by the answer in step 3. That’s the number of stitches you should have in each row. If you’re started with a foundation chain, add 2 more chains to the end and then begin the pattern. If you’re starting with a foundation double crochet, work to that number.

Opposites Attract Double Crochet Afghan Pattern

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*All Sigoni Macaroni patterns are written in standard US terms *

Double Crochet (dc)Treble Crochet (tr)


12 st x 8 rows = 4″ square

Finished Measurements

Approx 48″ x 60″ inches

Helpful Tutorials



  • Ch 2 at beginning of row does not count as st
  • I used the larger hook to make my blanket and the smaller hook to create the border around it. I liked my border being a little more tight but not too tight. If you don’t have a 5.5mm hook on hand, the 6mm should work just fine. If it seems too loose, chain 1 between each 3dc cluster on the sides of the blanket rather than 2.
  • Don’t forget when you’re halfway through your blanket to switch your main color to create that opposites attract look.

Opposites Attract Double Crochet Afghan Pattern Instructions

Using the larger hook (6mm) and starting with Gray Mist

Ch 145,

Row 1: Dc into 3rd ch from hook and each ch down. (143)

Rows 2-6: Ch 2, turn. Dc into first st and each st down row.

Switch to White

Rows 7-8: Ch 2, turn. Dc into first st and each st down row.

Switch to Gray Mist

Rows 9-14: Ch 2, turn. Dc into first st and each st down row.

Rep Rows 7-14 five more times, with 6 rows of gray and 2 rows of white.

Switch to White

Rows 55-60: Ch 2, turn. Dc into first st and each st down row.

Switch to Gray

Rows 61-62: Ch 2, turn. Dc into first st and each st down row.

Switch to White

Rows 63-68: Ch 2, turn. Dc into first st and each st down row.

Rep Rows 61-68 five more times, with 6 rows of white and 2 rows of gray.

You should have 108 rows in total and end on a white row.


Switch to smaller hook (5.5mm)

In the middle of the blanket where the 6 rows of gray and white connect, attach white yarn around the ch2 at the end of the row on the gray side, ch 2.

2dc in same space. *Ch 2, sk next row, 3dc around next st. Rep * to corner. Ch 2, sk two dc, 2dc in between posts, **ch 1, sk two dc, 2dc in between posts. Rep ** to last three st. Ch 2, sk two dc, 3dc around last st. ***Ch 2, sk next row, 3dc around next st. Rep *** to last 6 rows of gray.

Attach gray yarn by pulling through the last white dc. Ch 2 and repeat the same steps above. At the end, sl st to starting dc and tie off your work.

Thank you so much for joining me for the Opposites Attract Crochet Blanket Pattern! I hope you enjoyed making it and I can’t wait to see the color options you chose.

I would love for you to share your photos with me over on Ravelry (just add it as a project!) or over on Instagram. Use the hashtag #crochetforeverblanket so we can see the beautiful variety of Forever Blankets out there.

Tell me in the comments what colors you’re going to use for your double crochet afghan pattern 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Who are you going to make it for?

I hope you enjoyed this free crochet pattern for the Opposites Attract blanket!

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  1. I have a question, in row 1 at the end you have to ch2. The other rows don’t have the ch2 but in the instructions for the border you have this: attach white yarn around the ch2 at the end of the row..
    So should there be a ch2 at the end of all rows?
    There should be 143 st in each row right?

    1. Hi Yamila!
      Yes, you are right I’m sorry about that. I completely forgot to add the Ch 2 at the beginning of each row in there. I will update it now. Thank you for letting me know. Yes there should be 143 stitches in each row and that chain 2 doesn’t count as a stitch.

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