Chain Stitch Crochet Tutorial

After learning the basic materials to get started, the chain stitch is the absolute first stitch you need to know before you start any project. Sometimes you will start with a magic circle, but most of the time you will start with your foundation chain. Today we’re going to go over this chain stitch crochet tutorial and soon you will be well on your way to making some beautiful, handmade gifts for friends and family!

Learn to Crochet the Easy Way

The Learn to Crochet the Easy Way series was created to make learning to crochet as easy as possible. If you haven’t read the introduction to the series, you can do so here to find out what all it entails. At the bottom of this post you will also see each step I suggest you follow in order! Don’t forget to really take the time to practice each stitch before you move onto the next.

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The chain stitch is vital to learning how to crochet because it is one of the two ways that you start a crochet pattern. As a beginner, after learning how to make a slip knot, chaining is the FIRST stitch you should learn in order to start your beginner projects.

Creating the chain stitch is relatively easy. The problem that a lot of beginner crocheters have has to do with tension. Tension is something you won’t get right away. It takes a lot of practice so be patient!

If you’re not sure what I mean by tension when it relates to crochet, let me explain.


Tension is how lOose or how tight you crochet.

Have you already tried crocheting a few projects that have come out with the edges looking a little wonky? It might be because of your tension.

A lot of the time beginners will begin a project feeling tense. You’re thinking about how proud and excited you’ll be when you’re finished, but you’re focusing too much on perfection so you start tensing up and chaining tightly.

As you continue your project, you start to loosen up and relax a little bit, resulting in looser chains. This will cause your projects to curl.

If you struggle with tension, or want to learn more about it and how it can affect your future projects, read this article.

If you’ve had this problem, don’t worry we’re gonna fix it, but you have to promise me that you’ll take the time to really practice! The more you crochet, the more you’ll understand your tension and how to control it. Achieving the perfect tension takes a lot of practice and patience, but don’t give up! Leave a comment below if you’re having any problems or any questions. <3

If you don’t know how to create a slip knot, check out my super easy tutorial here.


Chain Stitch Crochet Tutorial

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Chain Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Create a slip knot and tighten it around your hook.

Wrap the yarn around your hook, pull the yarn down and through the loop on your hook.

how to chain crochet

You’ve just created your first chain! Now repeat the same pattern.

Wrap the yarn around your hook, pull the yarn down and through the loop on your hook.

how to chain crochet

Continue this same motion and chain until your hearts content!


Instead of focusing on your tension, focus on creating the chains. Once you have the chain stitch down, you’ll be able to focus more on how tight or how loose you’re chaining and adjust as needed!


Plus there’s a left handed tutorial linked in the description.

I hope this Chain Stitch Crochet Tutorial was easy for you to follow and understand. f you have ANY questions at all, let me know and I will hold your hand all the way through! <3

Happy hooking!

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