January Review & February Goals

January, January, January, you were not so good to me! I know that this is said every month, but can you believe it is already February?! It feels like yesterday that I wrote out my January Goals and here we are with my January Review & February Goals!

January was not my month. This was extremely unfortunate because I came into the New Year with such a positive mindset. I was excited to start a new journey with the new direction of my blog and of course I laid out a ton of goals that I can’t wait to crush.

I am still over the moon excited about where I’m headed, what’s to come, and the goals I’ve set myself. However, you may know that my husband is deployed. We still have a few months to go and this past month I was just really missing him and it completely threw me off of my game. I am all good now though! Still missing him of course, but trying to focus more on the fact that we are past the halfway mark and how I want to get so much done before he comes home. No time for sadness!

I really love to do these reviews and goals for the upcoming month for two reasons. One, it holds me accountable for getting these things done. And two, setting these goals keeps my mind focused on the things I really want. Also, when I review my goals and for some reason I have a bad month (like this month!) then I will know exactly what I did wrong, what I did differently, and what I can do to change it! I write them all on my Vision Board so I can see them every day.

I really encourage you to do the same! It is so helpful and really keeps you productive.


January Review & February Goals

My January Review

1. Create a consistent post schedule


2. Post at least twice a week

Posting twice a week would have been amazing, but about a week into January I decided that it would be smarter (for now) for me to post consistently one day a week on a Thursday morning. At the end of the month, I may include two posts in the same week, like I did this week!

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3. Start a YouTube channel

I haven’t actually started a YouTube channel yet, BUT I have started setting up the office to film and I plan of filming at least 5 before I begin uploading.

4. Step up my Instagram game

Instagram. I have almost given up on you! Last year I had such great engagement and relationships with other Instagrammers. When I got shadowbanned in November, it completely destroyed my following and my confidence. I was hoping to get that back this month, but it’s not going as well I as I had hoped. I still need to work on creating better photos though so I’m hoping I can be a little more creative this month!

5. Design two crochet patterns

I have two crochet patterns in the making. One is almost done. It is an Easter themed pattern! The second will be a baby blanket. The design is finished, but the blanket isn’t finished yet. I cannot wait to get those out to you!

6. Start an at-home preschool schedule

Check! I still need to stick to more of a specific schedule, but we put together a Reading Nook (that I gave some details on in this post) filled with learning toys, puzzles, and books that my son LOVES. He’s gonna be such a nerd!

7. Learn and implement the batching method

Check! This method is amazing! I have been able to get so much done and I’m WAY less stressed! If you haven’t tried this, you definitely should.

8. Create a workout schedule (typical, eh?)

Yeah, no I didn’t do this. I have never been one who enjoys working out. I don’t necessarily need to lose weight, I just wanted to tone and feel healthier overall. But there are so many things going on over here that I’ve made every excuse not to do it.

9. Start meal prepping

Check! Instead of meal prepping per say, I’ve been meal planning. Which is just as good for me! Now I know what to expect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and it makes things (and grocery shopping) so much easier.


january review & february goals


February Goals

  1. Have 3 months of blog posts scheduled and drafted
  2. Get myself a new camera
  3. Put together an Instagram Challenge for March (if you crochet, be on the lookout!)
  4. Organize my office and set up a space for video recording
  5. Go through little man’s clothes and donate
  6. Go through MY clothes and donate
  7. Finish a few pages and mail out the “Sisters” book my sister gave me so we could stay connected
  8. Finish Reading my current favorite book!


February, here I come! I can already tell it’s going to be one amazing (busy) month <3

Do you set goals regularly? I would love to hear your accomplishments! What goals did you set in January, which goals did you accomplish, and what do you want to work on this month?!

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