Frankenstein Crochet Monster Pillow

Ladies and (some) Gentlemen, introducing… Mr. Frankenstein Crochet Monster Pillow!

When I started thinking up these crochet monster pillows, Frankenstein was just a must. I was walking down the aisles of Joann Fabrics letting the colors of each Bernat Blanket yarn inspire me and when I saw this green, it called out to me.

I absolutely loved creating all of these monster pillows, but I think Mr. Frank (for short) has to be my favorite. I just love how detailed his face is with extra features. The bolts on the side of his head were a last minute thought which is funny because duh… you can’t have Frankenstein without his deformities!



The Frankenstein Crochet Monster Pillow was designed relatively the same way as the Marty the Monster pillow. You will be crocheting 6 separate panels that you will single crochet together to form the pillow shape. If you need more of an explanation of how exactly to do that, go take a look over there where I completely explain everything and if you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to comment below or shoot me an email!

If you’re interested in the other two super awesome, super squishy crochet monster pillows, you can find them here:


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  • This monster pillow is created making SIX separate panels and additional facial features and sewing them all together in the end.
  • The ch 1 at the beginning of the row does not count as a st.

Frankenstein Crochet Monster Pillow

Front and Back Panels: (make 2)

Ch 25

Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch down the row.

Row 2: Ch 1, hdc in first st and each st down the row.

Rows 3-17: Rep Row 2

Tie off, weave in ends

Side Panels: (make 4)

Ch 6

Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 4 ch.

Row 2: Ch 1, hdc in first st and each st across.

Rows 3-17: Rep Row 2.

Tie off, weave in ends


Eyes: (make 2)

Create a magic circle, ch 3

Round 1: 11 dc in mag cir, sl st to join. (11)

Round 2: 2 hdc in first st and in each st around. (22)

Tie off, leaving long tail.


Pupils: (make 2)

Create magic circle, ch 1

Round 1: 6 sc in mag cir. Sl st to first st. (6)

Tie off, leaving long tail.

Frankenstein crochet monster pillow


Cut a strand of black yarn about 15 inches long

Continue to ‘Assembly’ for instructions on how to create the mouth



Ch 3

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch and in next ch. (2)

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in next 2 st (2)

Row 3: Repeat Row 2

Tie off, leaving long tail.


Hair Line Triangles: (make 4)

Ch 6

Row 1: Sc into the 2nd ch from hook and in the next 4 ch. (5)

Row 2: Ch 1, sc2tog in first two st, 1 sc in next, sc2tog in last two st. (3)

Row 3: Ch 1, sc2tog in first two st, 1 sc in last st. (2)

Row 4: Ch 1, sc2tog. (1)

Tie off leaving long tail for sewing


Bolts: (make 2)

With gray and 4.5mm hook,

Create a mag cir, ch 2.

Round 1: 10 dc in cir

Round 2: Ch 2, 2 dc in first st and each st around. (20)

Round 3: Ch 2, 1 dc in the BL of the first st and in the BL of each st around. (20)

Round 4: Ch 2, 1 dc in first st and each st around. (20)

Round 5: Ch 1, sc2tog all around. (10)

Round 6: Ch 1, sc in first st, [sc2tog in next two st, sc in next st]. Rep [ ] one more time. (5)

Round 7: Ch 2, 1 dc in first st and in each st around. (5)

Tie off leaving long tail.

Frankenstein Crochet monster pillow


See pictures for facial feature placement.

Sew the pupils onto the eyes and the eyes onto one of the large panels with the top of the eye beginning right below the 4th row from the top.

On the 3rd row from the bottom, insert your long strand of black yarn between the first and second stitches on the right side and weave through every two stitches down the row.

Sew the tooth above the 2nd mouth line from the left.

Sew on your monster’s stitches to the left of the eyes in any way you’d like. Check out the photos if you need help!

Sew the hairline triangles to the top 4 rows as shown in the photo.

Sc together the back panel to each side panel around.

Do the same with the front panel BUT before you finish off the last side, stuff it profusely with your polyfil stuffing. It takes quite a bit!

Frankenstein Crochet monster pillow Frankenstein Crochet monster pillow

Take your large eyed tapestry needle and sew the corners of the panels shut.

Lastly, sew the bolts onto the side of your monster’s head with your tapestry needle!

Frankenstein Crochet monster pillow

You are all done and I hope you love your new Frankenstein crochet monster pillow as much as I do! Comment below or email me with any questions you may have!

Don’t forget to share your work with me! I’d love to see it. I’m the most active on Instagram @sigonimacaroni <3

Again, be sure to check out the next two crochet monster pillow friends!


This pattern is an original pattern by Sigoni of Sigoni Macaroni.  Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but please DO NOT sell the pattern or distribute it.

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