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Reusable Cotton Crochet Face Scrubbie | Free Pattern

Need to crochet a quick Christmas gift? Learn how to make this reusable cotton crochet face scrubbie and give the gift of self-care! This crochet face scrubbie is a free pattern and it is also a quick crochet project, taking less than 20 minutes to make. All the best crochet face scrubbies have handles so in this tutorial I will also show you how to crochet a face scrubbie with a handle so you can really exfoliate.

Not only will you learn how to crochet face scrubbies, but you will also learn how to half double crochet in the third loop IN THE ROUND. If you’re looking to learn how to crochet into the third loop in rows, watch the washcloth tutorial that goes along with this project.

I hope you enjoy today’s tutorial and be sure to tag me @sigonimacaroni if you decide to make this pattern or any of the patterns in the 12 Days of Crochet Christmas series!

This Reusable Cotton Crochet Face Scrubbie is included in my 12 Days of Crochet Christmas roundup! If you’re looking for more quick, crochet gift ideas for the holidays, be sure to check out the other 11 patterns here.

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Abbreviations used:

*All Sigoni Macaroni patterns are written in standard US terms *

  • Ch – chain
  • Hdc – half double crochet
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Sl st – slip stitch
Half Double Crochet (hdc)Half Treble (htr)
Single Crochet (sc)Double Crochet (dc)

Finished Measurements

  • Approx 4 inches in diameter

Helpful Tutorials


  • For this pattern we will be working in the third loop for Rounds 2-6
  • For this pattern we will be working in continuous rounds. Use a stitch marker to mark last stitch of each round so you don’t lose track
  • Inside the video tutorial, I used a 5mm crochet hook. Above I listed that the hook recommended is a 4.5mm hook. Here’s why: I created this Reusable Cotton Crochet Face Scrubbie first with a 5mm crochet hook and then after I made the video tutorial I tested a 4.5mm hook and liked the look of it better. I think this is because Lion Brand 24/7 cotton is a lighter medium weight yarn so a smaller hook looked better. If you’re using another medium weight yarn, a 5mm might look just as good. In the end, it’s totally up to you and doesn’t change too much of the final project.

Reusable Cotton Crochet Face Scrubbie Pattern

Create a magic circle, ch 2

Round 1: 8 hdc in ring (8)

Round 2: In third loop, 2hdc each st around (16)

Round 3: In third loop, *2hdc next st, hdc next st. Rep * around (24)

Round 4: In third loop, *2hdc next st, hdc next 2 st. Rep * around (32)

Round 5: In third loop, *2hdc next st, hdc next 3 st. Rep * around (40)

Round 6: In third loop, hdc each st around (40)

Do not tie off


Ch 10, skip 19 stitches and slip stitch to the 20th st. Ch 1, sc across chain. Sl st to beginning st.

Adjust this strap to your liking. To use it, you will put your fingers inside the strap to help scrub your face. If it’s too loose, decrease the amount of chains. If it’s too tight, add more chains.

Tie off and weave in ends

Turn this reusable cotton crochet scrubbie into a spa set with the matching facial washcloth!

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial on how to make a Reusable Cotton Crochet Face Scrubbie! If you made this pattern, I would love to see it! Tag me over on Instagram @sigonimacaroni or post your photos inside our community Facebook group.

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This pattern is an original pattern by Sigoni of Sigoni Macaroni.  Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but please DO NOT sell the pattern or distribute it.

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