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Crochet Halloween Candy Bags | FREE PATTERNS

If you’re wondering what to crochet for Halloween, you HAVE to make some of these crochet Halloween candy bags! There are four bags to choose from, they’re simple to make, and your kids will get to show off how talented you are when they go trick or treating! Today I’m going to share four patterns for a Halloween pumpkin bag, a crochet witch bag, a skeleton head bag, and a Frankenstein bag! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t think you could choose a better collection of Halloween Candy Bags!

Plus, I have a whole roundup of Halloween Crochet Patterns with over 70 to choose from! If that sounds interesting, you can find the Halloween roundup here.

A few years ago I designed these bags as a fun way to tote around the candy we gathered throughout the spoooky Halloween night 👻🎃 They are so cute, can be worn by children OR adults, and you can even make them for purposes outside of trick or treating!

I remember as a kid, we used our pillowcases as trick or treat bags (do kids still do that these days?! Let me know if you did in the comments!). When the candy started weighing us down, we would throw our pillowcases over our shoulders and carry them that way.

So I thought it would be fun and a little nostalgic to make these drawstring bags with a little strap to make carrying those hefty bags of candy more fun and more enjoyable!

How do you crochet one of these Crochet Halloween Candy Bags?

Let’s talk about how to crochet one of these Halloween candy bags. First we’ll talk about the materials you’ll need and then we’ll talk about the techniques used. I believe these are absolutely beginner friendly as long as you’re comfortable working with double strands. And we’ll get into that in a minute!

Materials Needed:

For all of these candy bag patterns, I mainly used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the colors Pumpkin, Black, and Tea Leaf. I also used a small amount in White, Gray Heather, and Cafe Latte.

You can use any medium weight yarn you have on hand. I enjoy using Red Heart because it’s cheaper, they have a large variety of colors if you want to change things up (purple pumpkin maybe?) and all of these bags turned out really sturdy and just plain beautiful.

You will also need a 5.5mm crochet hook and a tapestry needle.

Techniques Used:

Each of these crochet candy bag patterns use mostly double crochet stitches with some single crochet and half double crochet stitches thrown into the mix.

**Remember that I’m based in the US so I will be using US crochet terminology. Within all of the written pattern, I will also include UK conversions**

You will also need to be comfortable with crocheting with double strands. If you’ve never done this before, read these 11 tips on how to crochet with multiple strands. It sounds scarier than it is but with some practice you will be able to do it!

Okay now let’s talk about these 4 Halloween Candy Bag patterns! I would love to add more of a variety in the future so if you have any Halloween creatures you’d like me to add to the pile, leave your suggestions in the comments!

Crochet Halloween Candy Bags Video Tutorial

Each of these patterns include a written pattern and you will find them all linked below. But if you’re not someone who can read written patterns yet, I also have a full video tutorial that includes instructions on how to make ALL FOUR of these candy bag patterns. Watch it here or click the video below.

Crochet Witch Candy Bag Pattern

My favorite part about designing is the brainstorming process. I usually like to start by drawing out a sketch of my design. Sometimes the end result looks just like my sketch and other times it looks completely different. In this case, it turned out pretty much exactly the way I wanted it to which is why the crochet witch bag is probably my favorite design out of them all.

Just like all of the Halloween candy bag patterns, the body of the bag and the strap is made holding double strands. Everything else is make with a single strand. For this pattern I also suggest using a 5mm hook to create the curls, the nose, and the eyes.

Find the Crochet Witch Candy Bag Pattern here

Crochet Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bag Pattern

This Halloween pumpkin bag was my very first design out of the four candy bag patterns. I remember making this when my son was only 3 (he’s 7 now!) and he was Branch from Trolls for Halloween! Oh those sweet toddler days.

Yes, I designed them as trick or treat bags but they can also be used to carry around toys or even a little overnight bag. My son used to carry all of his little toy cars in here.

Find the Crochet Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bag Pattern here

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Crochet Frankenstein Candy Bag Pattern

Frankenstein is another popular Halloween creature that we can’t forget about. My favorite part about him is his silly tooth. This one is my niece’s favorite (but she hasn’t seen the witch bag yet!).

For the Frankenstein Candy Bag in the video tutorial, I used Red Heart Super Saver in Tea Leaf. However, in the photo I used a brighter color yarn in another brand called Big Twist. I believe you can only find that yarn at Joann Fabrics, but Red Heart has a similar color called Spring Green that I think would work beautifully.

Find the Crochet Frankenstein Candy Bag Pattern here

Crochet Skeleton Head Candy Bag Pattern

Now last but not least we have the crochet skeleton head candy bag. You’ll notice that this skull on the bag looks a lot like Jack Skellington! This magnificent idea came from my sister in law who loves Nightmare Before Christmas. This is also a movie that my son has grown to love and asks to watch all the time.

Just like the rest, the crochet skeleton head candy bag was made while holding double strands throughout the whole bag and the skull itself. This pattern is probably the simplest one of them all, although they’re all really simple.

Find the Crochet Skeleton Head Candy Bag Pattern here

I know these crochet Halloween candy bags have been out for a long time, but I really felt like they needed a refresh. They are so cute and they need more love! Tell me which of these bags is your favorite in the comments and let me know if you have any requests for new bags.

I hope you enjoyed today’s roundup of trick or treat bags! If you’re looking for more Halloween patterns, here’s a round up of over 30 to choose from!

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  1. I think the link for the skeleton head is incorrect as it links to the pumpkin bag. These are all so adorable!

  2. Thank you for these Halloween candy bags, I plan to make these for my 5 great grandkids. So by including the purple 3-eyed monster there will be one for each. Oh, yeah, we also used pillow cases for treat bags, until my Mom sewed bags for each of us…thank you for bringing those memories to my mind.

    1. Oh that’s so great! I hope they love them. I would love to see pictures when you’re finished! Pillow cases as trick or treat bags were the best 😆

  3. These are adorable! I’m looking forward to making them. My 8 year old loves anything Halloween! I think a bat with little wings would be an awesome addition!

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